CNS Symposium 2015 – Singapore perspective on Urban Air Quality and Public Health

In the modern urban society human life and activities are greatly influenced by the quality of air we breathe. The negative impact of air pollution on human and environmental health has far reaching consequences on the international relationships, business, urban activities and travel. Understanding different dimensions of the problem for strategizing risk mitigation measures warrants integration of expertise from environmental monitoring, toxicology, public health, and social sciences. It is with this intention that Centre for Sustainable Nanotechnology, Nanyang Polytechnic  is hosting a symposium titled “Singapore Perspective on Urban Air Quality and Public Health”. This symposium brought together experts to discuss current understanding and new developments in this field. The topics ranged from environmental monitoring, particle collection and characterisation, disease conditions related to poor air quality and innovations for mitigating exposure and risk; with the overall aim to understand aspects of air pollution relevant to Singapore environment and identify affordable solutions to mitigate the health risk.


International Symposium for Nanosafety: Social, Environmental and Health Impacts (17-18 November 2014, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore)

The Nanotechnology revolution has brought enormous promises to improve many aspects of our lives. As a result, we have witnessed over recent years the infiltration of nanomaterials into our everyday lives, especially through their incorporation into a wide range of consumer products. While it is exciting that nanomaterials have the potential to advance technologies significantly, there are also genuine concerns over the potential undesirable effects that nanomaterials could bring. In order that efforts in harnessing the potential of nanomaterials not be derailed, it is key that we accelerate our fundamental understanding of the impact of nanomaterials on our lives across social, environmental and health perspectives.

This symposium therefore aimed to bring together a critical group of local and international experts from academia, industries and government agencies to share and discuss current understanding of the field, and to initiate a collective effort in dealing with an issue that is of national interest.

During the Symposium, nanOsing was officially launched.


The symposium resulted in a peer-review position paper, which was published in the journal Nanotoxicology (direct link to article, published in OpenAccess).